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Dusky Sound Track Transport

Need a lift? Enjoy a scenic helicopter flight and make your Dusky Track transport that much better.
You’ve got enough walking to do.
Complimentary transfers from Te Anau or Manapouri
We offer several Dusky Track transport options, depending on your travel plans. We can drop you off at either end of the track or somewhere along the way, with the option of an additional food drop to a hut further down the Dusky Track. Prices for this flight are based on the number of passengers in the helicopter and the number of stops. Please contact us to discuss your options.
Duration: May vary
Cost: Hauroko Burn Hut - $1035 pp, minimum 2 people.
Supper Cove Hut - $1175 pp, minimum 2 people . Please enquire for other options.
Drop-off: Supper Cove Hut, Lake Hauroko Hut, or alternative. Please enquire.

What’s included:

  • Scenic helicopter flight to the Dusky Sound Track

  • In-flight commentary from your knowledgeable pilot via two-way communication

  • Transfers from Te Anau or Manapouri can be arranged

  • (Optional extra) Food drop to hut along the way