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Meet the Fleet

Our team of hard-working helis.
Two people standing near a helicopter on a mountain at sunset, with rugged peaks in the background.
ZK-IMY Helicopters

[ZK-IMY] Squirrel H125 B3E Heavy Lift Squirrel

Bold and beautiful, this Squirrel helicopter is one of only a few of its kind in New Zealand. With our custom paint job making it unique to Fiordland, this Squirrel can carry 6 passengers with an external lifting capability of 1300kg on the cargo hook.

ZK-HNU Helicopter

[ZK-HNU] Squirrel H125 B2 Heavy Lift Squirrel

This helicopter is ideal for heavy lifting, freight, and passenger transport. It has 6 passenger seats and an external lifting capacity of 945kg on the cargo hook.

ZK-HNE Helicopter with waterfall in the background

[ZK-HNE] McDonnell Douglas MD500E

The MD500E model has 4 passenger seats, can carry up to 500kg on the cargo hook, and lands on slopes up to 15 degrees. It has an internal load capacity of 420kg with passengers and gear. This one’s Pilot Fraser’s personal favourite.

A green helicopter parked on a rocky terrain under a clear blue sky.

[ZK-HGZ] Robinson R44

The R44 is the perfect helicopter for 2 or 3 passengers. It offers excellent visibility and a quiet cabin, making it next-level comfortable for scenic flights. The Robinson has a lifting capability of 290kg on the cargo hook.

[ ZK-HTD ] Squirrel H125 B2

[ ZK-HTD ] Squirrel H125 B2

A great all-rounder helicopter.

  • This helicopter is fit for freight and heavy lifting with an external lifting capability of 850kg on the cargo hook.
  • Internal weight limit of up to 600kg (including passengers and gear)