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Commercial Operations

Running a commercial operation that needs a heli?
We specialise in a wide range of commercial aspects throughout Fiordland, Southland and Stewart Island.

We’re passionate about helping our environment for the better. From pest eradication to fire fighting and wild animal management, we pride ourselves on getting flights completed safely and efficiently. Whatever commercial operations you’re running, our fleet of helicopters and specialised equipment is here to help get the job done with a safety-first approach. Get in touch with the team for more information.


Common commercial operations we organise:

  • Pest eradication
  • Wild animal management
  • Fire fighting
  • Radio repeater site monitoring and maintenance
  • Heavy lifting (ie concrete and gravel, alpine huts and building equipment)
  • Endangered species tracking and assistance
  • Track maintenance
  • Lobster transport
  • Frost fighting


If you need something that isn’t listed above, get in touch. Our specialist team is always happy to help.